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>Siblings – #1322


Now THIS is a good story…

When you drive down the mile-long hill into Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire in spring, you’ll be stunned by the mass planting of daffodils – sponsored by a local quarry – on the road verge.

I thought that Klein-Winternheim could do with something similar on the 650m or so of the B40 that runs from the roundabout at the motorway exit down into the village.

So I wrote to Her Ladyship the Mayoress with the idea, suggesting that local businesses might care to sponsor 10 metres at a time, local people might want to get in on the act, Farmer Braun could zip up and down with a plough and hey!, wouldn’t it be a great idea if the town had an event and let the littlies plant the bulbs – they’d be able to say proudly years later to their OWN kids “I planted those daffodils”.

Heard nothing and weeks later – buried in the minutes of the council meeting – was something that went “The council proposes to beautify the verge of the B40 by planting bulbs. Donations from the community can be made by cheque”


So we donated DM200 – about $150 in today’s money (and come to think of it, didn’t even get a “thank you”…)  -, daffodils were unceremoniously planted and they actually blossomed the following year.

Then along came the diggers, ripped up the verge to lay cable for DSL or something similarly modern and disappeared.

As did the daffodils.

I’m pleased to see that someone’s doing some guerilla planting along the top road into our bit of the village, though.

Sure to attract the diggers, though…..

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7 thoughts on “>Siblings – #1322

  1. Good of you to come up with the idea, bad by the local politicians not to mention your idea.

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  3. >Now, that's a cool story.

  4. >Don't despair, jb, not everybody can turn small events into celebrations. But don't stop trying – even without thanks.Some years ago, the motorway south out of Auckland got the treatment of wildflowers, but they have disappeared, too. I think they were not up to the competition by the weeds. But nice while it lasted.

  5. >I hope that you were not prone on the highway taking that photo, JB. I am sorry that your efforts to beautify the route have been first rebuffed and then destroyed. They just don't get it, do they? (and I thought that was unique to our country!)Bises,G

  6. >WEll your heart's in the right place jb. Love the wind things in the background. Weren't you afraid of getting run over while taking that photo???V

  7. >Guerilla planting…that has a nice ring to it. I wish someone would come along and do some guerilla planting in my yard. I noted the wind turbines in the background. Had to laugh when I think of Minnesota's turbines that have a habit of freezing into silent sentinels during our winters.

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