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>And talking of lachrymation… – #1356


This is so direly sad that even the sale notice is tearful.
Jay Farnsworth’s exquisitely elegant and stylish “REDGallery” on Bridge St is closing at the end of the month and whatever replaces it won’t be as good.
Nowhere near.
Nelson has a few oases of culture – RED, Suter, Hopgoods, Page and Blackmore – and Red (and especially Jay) was the best place to park the camels and gulp down some cerebral refreshment.
And now it’s gone.
Sod it
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2 thoughts on “>And talking of lachrymation… – #1356

  1. >What a shame!! That's what I call "diminished quality of life" (well, the German aquivalent) … you should get your hands on the place!

  2. >Oh that's a shame jb. Did you buy anything?V

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