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Honesty box – #1380


The things you stumble across in the country.
Honesty box stand on the cycle track between Mommenheim and Harxheim with all sorts of interesting stuff.
Bog standard fruit jellies, of course, but the odd (in its true sense…) daisy jelly and beer jelly threw me.
Beer jelly.
At that point of the tour (40km behind me and another 10 to go), I could have verily used the real stuff…


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5 thoughts on “Honesty box – #1380

  1. >I have heard of "beer belly" but not beer jelly! I do not think that anyone would want to buy the beer belly but rather acquire it over a many-year period of consumption.Did you buy any?Bises,Genie

  2. >I don't think I ever saw a honesty box in France – perhaps in Alsace next to Germany? I don't know.They are common in Australia and were a source of wonder to me.

  3. >Tell me, did you buy it/try it?The daisy jelly I mean 😉

  4. >Bet beer jelly is pretty good; wonder if it's light or dark beer?"verily used the real stuff"?? You have a way with words, jb!

  5. >Beer jelly, the breakfast of …..Germans. That's a hoot.V

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