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The Pilgrimage – #1381

The entertaining Christians vs Lions game did finish at the Colosseum Via Fractus at 17:15.

And thus did the 20,300 disciples of the Tribe of Mainz 05 follow Presidentus Strutzus the onerous 3.4km to the new Colosseum Cofacies.

And Presidentus Strutzus stretched out his hand over the Via Saarus (having had a word with the Excolo Moguntia); and the EXCOLO MOGUNTIA caused the vehicles to go back by a strong east wind all that afternoon, and made the normally gridlocked Via Saarus empty road, and the Saarstrasse was pedestrianised.

And the disciples thus passed safely through the Via Saarus and were welcomed by their brethren at the Colosseum Cofacies and were refreshed with cervisia and farcimen inferos and entertained by nubile slave girls in native costumes.

And they gave thanks to Presidentus Strutzus for a fine day out.

Not to mention a brand new Colosseum

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4 thoughts on “The Pilgrimage – #1381

  1. >I'm out of my depth here, can read the language but can't write it:-)Pedestrianised is a great word.

  2. >And so it was written. :)V

  3. >Verily thou speaketh with forked tongue. Behold the sons and daughters of Zion as they tramp from the Colosseum. Note the absence of the slothful and the harlots. Anon we await more gospels from the Messiah of Mainz.

  4. >A pretty entertaining journalistic review!

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