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Choose your poison – #1382

One good reason to visit Bad-Kreuznach is to learn how to walk again after the nice people in the Vincenz Hospital in Mainz give you a Bionic Leg..

Another – even better reason – is to rip into the products of the Brauwerk, a newly opened brewery on the banks of the river.

But it’s worth a visit even if you’re a wowser and only interested in the architectural aspects of the place.

Bad-Kreuznach’s renowned for the wellness properties of its historical salt production.

The way to harvest salt from a saline solution is to evaporate the water.
You can either do that by applying heat, using solar energy or  – if you live in a climatically challenged region – drizzling the saline solution over a high wall of tightly packed thorns. (I’m not making this up. Honest. That’s one of them in the background.)

The spin-off of this, of course, is that when you take a deep breath of the surrounding air, you immediately hear seagulls and the crashing of waves on the shore and think you’re at the seaside.

This has attracted people by the THOUSANDS over the years and they drift around with buckets and spades looking for the beach.

Nothing compared with the hordes who will descend on THIS place to admire how the architect has continued the line and materials of the graduation tower into his piloti-supported structure.

They might just be here for the beer, of course…..

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2 thoughts on “Choose your poison – #1382

  1. >This definitely is a stream of consciousness post.

  2. >We know why you came. And I don't believe that salty tale about thorns for one minute! :)V

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