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The Buy Courtyard… – #1389 having a Reduziert.

If you have to translate [übersetzen]your advertising [Werbung] into your customers’ own language [Sprache], you’ve got the wrong advertising agency [Werbeagentur].

Linguistic fail.

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5 thoughts on “The Buy Courtyard… – #1389

  1. >Used to buy only from their sales which were at times 50% off (not 0% that we would not have been able to afford.) Calmel Bettdecke & Teppich Lauefer…

  2. >Doesn't seem so confusing to me. It's just a grand sale with many different percentages in reduction. I'd shop there and hit them for a 50-70% reduced rate on quality merchandise.

  3. >So true. Good example.That's new. Normally you see "sale". Maybe they try to be correct. Just stupid.

  4. >Kaufhof? Dort geht die einfache Leute zum einkaufen, oder? Ubrigens, wieviel Reduzierung gibt es dort uberhaupt?

  5. >THat's pretty funny JB. What doe they reduziert in there?V

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