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Tear down this poster – #1412

Now, I’m not saying that Germany is over-regulated, but you can’t mow your lawn between 1pm and 3pm, you have to sweep your side-walk every Saturday (no, NOT Friday and DEFINITELY not Sunday…) and you can only display officially sanctioned posters.

On the other hand, you can’t put a car on the road without insurance and the trains run on time.

And you’re not over-run by guerilla placarders, cluttering up the place with non-approved posters.

The place will end up looking like Avignon on a good day.

This one will have to go.

It was still there at 6:50am on 1 August and if it’s still there today, I’ll be having a word with His Worship the Bürgermeister…

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One thought on “Tear down this poster – #1412

  1. His Worship will get an ear full, I fear.

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