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Top this! – #1431

Boring lot, these Germans.

No sense of humour.

A well known fact.

Don’t believe a word of it.

They built a roundabout/traffic circle/rotary in Mombach a couple of years ago.

In German, they’re called “Kreisel”

As is a spinning-top and someone on the council said “Why don’t we put a Kreisel on the Kreisel? You know – a play on words…?”

There it sits, proudly displaying the coat of arms (of what used to be a village and is now a suburb of Mainz) with (clockwise) a crosier with three balls, referring to St. Nicholas (did he REALLY ..? [enough of this vulgarity – Ed.], a cogwheel denoting Mombach’s industrial significance, farming gets a shout-out with a crossed spade and hoe and finally the escutcheon of the Chapter of Mainz.

Round and round and round we spin,
To weave a wall to hem us in

© Neil Young 1968

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4 thoughts on “Top this! – #1431

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  2. St Nicholas – did he really… ?

  3. PS. Are you aware that recently all of your posts on the portal are just a black square? Reason?

  4. Round-abouts are here to stay; cannot recall any cities I’ve visited recently that doesn’t have one or more. I wonder if any motorist are alert enough to see the “artwork” in the middle?

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