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Build it and they will come – rewired – #1442

This is one of the guys who got to keep his land when they built Mainz 05’s new football stadium.

(True) story’s over here.

This is farming like it used to be.

I have no idea what his harvester looks like, but this baler is at least as old as my camera* and once he’d finished baling, he drove around on his tractor while son heaved each bale onto the trailer and Mum manhandled it until it was stacked right.

* I put a 125ASA monochrome Ilford film into my Nikon F2AS (bought used in Osaka in 1981) , set the 28mm lens to f22 and infinity and shot the film in and around the Coface [“Cofarce” in Local Speak, but please don’t tell them…] Stadium.

A selection of the work’s featured in the “A day at...“series at YMBFA

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2 thoughts on “Build it and they will come – rewired – #1442

  1. FILM? Who knew!

  2. Really like the look of the picture, film does make a diference.

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