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Taste the waste – #1456

Important stuff, this.

Taste The Waste is a grass-roots political platform created to combat food waste.

They put on an event on the Gutenbergplatz on Friday, serving 3500 really good meals cooked by 5 really good chefs from really good food.

That had been thrown out and retrieved by some creative dumpster-diving.
(I read somewhere that Vienna throws out enough bread to feed the next biggest city in Austria….)

The waste starts at the farm when the farmer sorts out the cosmetically imperfect before delivering to the supermarket which takes a look at it and says “Well, THAT doesn’t meet our standard”. The stuff that gets as far as this then has a couple of days to be sold before it’s disposed of and then the consumer who goes shopping when he/she’s hungry buys more than the family can consume.


They’re talking to the converted at our place – peelings go on the compost heap, we freeze leftovers and our trash-can gets put out every 2 or 3 months.

Now, if THAT doesn’t get me Business Class on Pearly Gate Airlines, I don’t know what will….

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6 thoughts on “Taste the waste – #1456

  1. Leif Hagen on said:

    I’m glad to have finally started a composting bin in our backyard! I think my neighbor is a little skeptical but wait ’til he sees the good soil amending stuff next spring in MY yard!
    Compost list: grass, branches, kitchen waste, flower refuse, twigs, etc.

  2. Great job, JB, and I think you get a great ride, but just don’t plan to go too soon.


  3. Oh I agree. Here we are so wasteful and I think I’m not doing all I should either.

  4. Sad reality. Great project!

  5. Wonderful initiative! Pity I wasn´t there this week to see that.

  6. Very revealing video. There are lots of ways to eliminate food waste…you get a gold star today, jb.

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