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Immigrant – #1457

DSC 0379

Meenz hat Woi.

Die Hesse habbe Ebbelwoi.

Aka Apfelwein, Stöffche, Äbbelwoi, Ebbelwei, Viez or Äppler.

A very astringent cider and an acquired taste.
About 10 years of more or less constant acquisition in my case. (Much like Guinness, although that didn’t take quite as long – the result of a more intensive acquisition process, probably)

Traditionally served in 0,3l lozenge-cut glasses in Ebbelwoi bars in Frankfurt, this immigrant has shrunk to a “Beschisserglas” (rip-off glass) of a mere 0.25l capacity.

I’ll have to have another one…

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3 thoughts on “Immigrant – #1457

  1. Cider, hmmm?! Not exactly my cup o’ tea…oops! Mixed metaphor! I’d give it a try since I’m willing to try just about anything…once!

  2. I love cider but this seems to be something else altogether. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.
    LOL about Guiness and acquired taste. You must be a fast learner.

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