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How appropriate – #1500

I would have thought that when I buy a new MacBook Air running Lion, I’d be able to import the library that I had under Snow Leopard.


Apple tells me that Snow Leopard, the previous version of their OS, runs a newer version of iPhoto.

80GB (and 10 years…) of digital photography gone.

Or until Apple come up with a solution.

Which they tell me they  haven’t got.

And yes, I do have a Time Machine backup.

And no, it doesn’t help

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7 thoughts on “How appropriate – #1500

  1. And when I saw that iPhoto alert, I thought it was on my computer and I almost panicked!

  2. That Juergen deserves a blue tee shirt with a white Apple on it! 🙂 Hope that fixes your problem.

  3. Takes my breath away. What would Steve Jobs say?!

  4. I did like Juergen was saying and I didn´t had any problems

  5. Juergen on said:

    You should update iPhoto on Snow Leopard first, then start the migration to Lion. It works!

  6. Firstly, congratulations on 1500!

    Secondly, I really hope there is a relatively painless solution.

  7. Bummer. I have around 800 GB of photos on my pc.And two backups on external drives. And 15 000 photos on flickr.

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