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The Messiah – #1501

The Boeing engineers working on the prototype 747 nicknamed it “The Messiah”.

Virtually everyone who entered the massive hull said “JESUS CHRIST!”.

I can verify that – experienced one on a ferry flight prior to outfitting in 1972 and I was a frequent visitor to the main deck of the freighter version as from 1974.

The same thing probably happens to window-shoppers  at the Christ (pronounced – ist -) jewellery chain

“Christ, just LOOK at the price of those watches….!”

(I’m a “2-freckles-past-a-hair” man, myself…)

iPhoto still MIA – next step is to remove every trace of the current app, re-install iLife 11, update it and hold my breath

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3 thoughts on “The Messiah – #1501

  1. I have to unload a boatload of photos off my HD, she’s almost full. I’m skeerd.

  2. This reminds me of an old Benedictine monk joke!

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