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Child labour – #1502

The difference between the New World and the Old World.

At one of those restaurants in Concord, NH where you’re navigated to your table by a young flossy who is normally rapidly replaced by an “I’m Kaylie and I’ll be your serveperson this evening” apparition.

Got chatting to Young Flossy who was extremely personable and I expressed the wish for HER to be our Kaylie for the evening.

“Oh NO”, she said “I’m not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages until I’m 21 and I’m only 17. But I’ll come back and see you, though”

Which she did and we chatted about how long she’s been working, what her folks do (plumber and school bus driver), what she’s going to be studying at college and that she’s a bit nervous about leaving home for the first time. Gave her some money for her college fund.

Old World.

It’s the most normal thing for a 10 year old to help his folks out at their stand on the Burgundermarkt last weekend.

And if they’re vintners, well hell, you just pour the wine.

Not a problem.

Even if you are only 10…

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4 thoughts on “Child labour – #1502

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  3. Hitting on the babes again JB? In the New World that’s jail bait. HA
    Love the little wine pusher though.

  4. Looks like a serious young lad with a good work ethic. How was your conversation with him?

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