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Kaaaft Zuchplakettcher! #1742

“Get your carnival parade badge here!!!

Carneval’s not Carneval if you don’t wear a parade (Zug – dialect: Zuch) badge (Plakette – dialect: Plakettcher) and the various carnival clubs are out in Mainz in force, touting their wares in earnest.

This chappie from the Mainzer Carneval Verein was as proud as Punch of one he’d been gifted by the Erster Karnevals Gesellschaft of the Germania Society of Cincinnati.

“Des kimmt aas Chinchinäddi in Ohio, do wo der Obama gewonnene hat” he told me.
(“This one comes from Cincinnati in Ohio. That’s where Obama won the election”)

Quite impressive, when you figure that there are significantly more Americans than Mainz’s measly 200,ooo inhabitant count who DON’T know that…

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2 thoughts on “Kaaaft Zuchplakettcher! #1742

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  2. Ah, sister city pride.

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