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Kaaaft Zuchplakettcher! reloaded #1772

These people just don’t give up!

Waiting for Ms jb the other day outside a department store and one of the myriad parade badge touts turns up, positions himself next to me and starts bellowing “Kaaaft Zuchplakettcher!

{What else?)

I gave it 5 minutes and went and sat somewhere else.

And the bugger followed me like the proverbial albatross.

Word must have got around that I’m not the biggest fan of Karneval and they put a bounty on my head – €50 for the person who can proselytize me by brainwashing.

Not like this, that’s for sure


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One thought on “Kaaaft Zuchplakettcher! reloaded #1772

  1. Great Kate from St. Paul told me that you wear a hat just like that one…..
    Happy New Year!

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