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Virtual teams #1745

I’ve been involved professionally in virtual teams (tends to come with the territory when you work for a multinational corporate group…), but none have been as enjoyable as the one I’m working with now.

Which became “un-virtual” yesterday in the Awake café in Mainz.

Meet Markus Würz Ph.D, research assistant at the history department at Mainz’s Johannes Gutenberg University, book author and president of the Society for the Social History of Mainz.

Our paths crossed earlier in the year when we both stumbled across the Auckland Museum’s series on Egon Schönberger, the son of a wealthy German Jewish family from Mainz who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1930s to escape the Shoah.

Greg Meylan from the museum put us in touch and together – more Markus than I, actually – we’ve been able to trace the family back into the 17th century and document the story here on MDP.

We’re currently working on a project helping an American journalist and biographer of a Hollywood personality to trace the family’s Mainz origins.

And making stunning progress (if we may say so ourselves…)

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