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Not being nasty or anything….#1761

…but this is just so typically Mainz.

Perennially bankrupt ( Markus Würz, my young historian friend, tells me that it’s been that way since the Middle Ages…) and fairly clueless.

Decades ago, an escalator was installed to transport folk from the Rheinstrasse to the Brand shopping complex and town hall.

Stopped working years ago, OBVIOUSLY no money had been budgeted for repairs (MTBF? MTBR?WTF?) and OBVIOUSLY they just left it sitting there.

Time passes, someone does a Heath-Robinson job with a  sheet of plywood to keep people out,  assesses the replacement cost at €360k and goes back to sleep.

Along comes Michael Ebling, the new Lord Mayor and a man after my own heart.

“Can’t cost more than a couple of thousand Euros” he says ” but why can”t we just encase it in steel and put a whacking great sign on top, pointing to the adjacent Information Centre ?”

Right on…!

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