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Not the only thing…#1801

….you’re likely to lose in one of these pokie/one-armed bandit dens of iniquity.

What pokie/one-armed bandit dens of iniquity?


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4 thoughts on “Not the only thing…#1801

  1. My Las Vegas experience was much like Kate’s. I gave myself $10 to lose at the blackjack table, and actually played for quite a while. But once that was gone, I enjoyed the pool very much.

    Memory Lost! That’s another story.

  2. I’m with Stefan, I don’t have any to lose but long ago, I loved a good 10cent slot machine!

  3. I have never even been tempted to visit a casino, the simple reason for that is that I don’t have any money to lose.

  4. Casinos don’t appeal to me; went to Las Vegas once and was dismayed by some of the pathetic looking people in front of the one-armed bandits. Lost all the money I had advocated for gambling in one fell-swoop…about 5 min. Spent the rest of the time sitting by the pool. Far more relaxing.

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