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Ach wie ich die Lena liebe #1802

Lena and I have been an item for close to 20 years, which is when she moved in across the road with her parents and limpeted herself to me almost instantaneously.

I was her first date at a winery garden restaurant when she was 10 (chaperoned by Ms jb’s niece).

She’s now studying LAW – of all bloody things – in Berlin (could be worse, could be training to be a teacher…) and doing rather well, by all accounts.

I stumbled across this obscure track by the great Clare Walldoff and thought it was worth a post.

And two posts of historical interest

Lena of the Bosporus

22 minutes in Istanbul

Plus something vaguely teenaged…


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4 thoughts on “Ach wie ich die Lena liebe #1802

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  3. Anonymous on said:

    “har har har” – die gute Clare scheint schon ein paar Berliner Weiße gekippt zu haben, als sie das Liedchen anstimmte. Davon abgesehen, kann ich ihr, was “die süße Lena” angeht, nur recht geben!!! Ist ja kein Wunder – beI DEN Genen mütterlicherseits….

    • Anonymous on said:

      Vielleicht hat sie ja einen “Clare”-n getrunken.höhö! Bloody law taught me something like the right to image and copyright,my dear friend :).helau!

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