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These Germans do like their sausage…#1857

This is Saturday morning at Metzgerei Schmidt in the Klarastrasse.

Germans not being renowned for their queuing culture (now, THERE’s an oxymoron if there ever was one…), a typical conversation goes something like this:

Server: “Wer kimmt?”
“Who’s next”
Customer 1: “Ei, ich hätt’ gern…”
“I’d like…”
Customer 2: “Sie waren noch nitt draa….”
“It’s not your turn..”
Customer 1: “Ei sicher bin ich draa….ich hätt’ gern..”
“Of course it’s my turn..I’d like…”
Customer 2: “Naaa, aber WERKLICH nitt. Erst kimmt die Fraa do dribbe und dann der Herr und dann ich. Wann SIE draa komme iss’ mir wurscht, aber vor uns NITT.”
“It’s NEVER your turn. First it’s the lady over there, then this gent and then me. I have NO IDEA when it’s your turn, but not before us”
Server: “Ei, wolle sie sich nitt einische? Also wer kimmt jetzt?”
“Can you make up your minds? Now, who’s next
Customer 2: “Die Fraa do dribbe”
“The lady over there”
Fraa do dribbe: “Ei wenn se meine. 3 Scheiben von de Zungenwurst, 50 gram von de Leberwurst hier vorner. [continue for 5 minutes……]”
Well, if you say so. 3 slices of tongue sausage, 50 grams of the liver sausage here at the front….[continue for 5 minutes……]

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4 thoughts on “These Germans do like their sausage…#1857

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  2. Here in Spain, when you join a queue, you always to ask ‘quien es el ultimo’, who’s last in the queue. If you don’t, get ready for a looooong wait. And man will you get a rubdown should you try to cheat… Elderly Spanish ladies are extremely fierce!

  3. Ha ha. Every day is an adventure in the queue!

  4. And where are you in this lively and civilized queue?

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