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Monthly Theme Day June 2013 – The Beauty of Decay #1899

A compost (pronounced “compohst” in Americanese) heap is a thing of true beauty.

We have 3.

One that’s active – sling in any organic matter from the kitchen, grass clippings, vegetation from the garden after it’s been through the garden shredder

One that’s composting with the help of a large families of worms, bacteria and other micro-organisms

One that’s turned everything in the first heap into a nutrient rich friable end-product.

Sieve it to remove the bits that haven’t decayed (they go back to the first heap…), mix with commercial potting mix 50:50, plant your lettuce plugs and jump back to avoid getting hit as they start growing instantly.

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7 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day June 2013 – The Beauty of Decay #1899

  1. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. Compost is a thing of beauty to those who garden.

    If you’d like to see my Theme Day post, it’s up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo on Saturday, June 1. Thanks!

  2. Interesting choice for the theme

  3. A very fertile shot from a semi industrial gardener.

  4. I have just commenced my own composting in a new garden, and already need a second compost mound. I can see that three would be good too. More compost for the veggies every 6 weeks is the aim. I had not gone as far as sifting and returning to the ‘son’ bin though. With what do you sift – hands?

    oh … and thanks for contributing to Theme Day … that is what I came here to say … but composting is of much more immediate interest …

  5. I think we say it different in the south.

    I want to see photos of the giant lettuce too.

  6. I’ve always wondered why you have to mix it with gardening soil. Is it somehow too strong for plants?

  7. I’m impressed with your gardening skill, farmer John!!

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