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There’s always a story…#1931

I stumbled over this very tired looking steamroller at the side of the road in Hechtsheim.

Made in the late 1930’s by Henschel for Heinrich Zinggreber of Eschwege, a company still in the same line of business (building infrastructure) as they were back then.

Henschel was a major manufacturer of big chunks of metal that went either fast (locomotives) or slow (steamrollers) and a lot in between.

During world war 2, they converted to manufacturing things that went fast (aircraft) and things that went bang (rocket launchers et al)

Enforced inactivity after the war, they restarted production in 1948 and went through various iterations and owners, ending up being swallowed by Bombardier, a Canadian locomotive and aircraft manufacturer.

What’s interesting is that when you ordered one of these behemoths, they personalised it for you.

This was their 3rd steamroller. (They’d previously bought one – Number 2 – in 1937)

Almost like tattooing your phone number on your kid’s arm in case it gets lost….

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One thought on “There’s always a story…#1931

  1. Interesting story, I remember the Henschel name, mainly from lorries, I think. But mind your step, too much stumbling of late!

    Trying to find out about the name Zinggrebe (without success) I stumbled over this gem: “The evolution of Zinggrebe begins at it’s earliest origins.” Can only agree with that.

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