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“Muum, does this make my bum look big?” #1939

“Well, dear, it’s either the 10mm lens that that nice man’s using or the fact that you’ve been eating too much icecream from N’Eis, the new icecream parlour on the Gartenfeldplatz. in the Neustadt. Or you might just have been one-and-a-half axe-handles wide across the beam all along….”

“N’Eis” is a hugely successful start-up run by 2 girls.

They change recipes (some standard, some vegan, some really wild – basil? tomato? oatmeal?) constantly and post what they’ll have on any given day on Facebook.

Queues around the block.

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3 thoughts on ““Muum, does this make my bum look big?” #1939

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  2. Oh, that bum is not THAT big. Less attractive are the visible bra straps. Tacky!

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