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And talking about voting….#1957

The SPD – Germany’s left-ish opposition party – has a discussion forum set up on the Schillerplatz.

The slogan is a play on words – “Gute Aussichten für 2013” can mean either

“A bright outlook for 2013” (politically speaking)


“A good outlook” (optically speaking if you clamber up the steps to the roof)

Either way – if you’re trailing your main opponent (the ruling CDU party) by 17 pp and if the difference between you and YOUR coalition partner and them and THEIR coalition partner is still 12 pp with 7 weeks to go, I’d say you’re delusional.

Mind you, having a local candidate who looks like Hermann from “The Munsters” doesn’t help much either….

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3 thoughts on “And talking about voting….#1957

  1. Rosemary Spars on said:

    Generally a devotee of your comments and Daily Photos, but why so derogatory about appearances of person? I don’t appreciate that kind of ‘humor.’

  2. A brightly colored image; perhaps brighter than the politicians?

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