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And talking about PC….

At this very moment, Ms jb is attending (as his personal guest) a reception at the town hall honouring Chief Inspector Theo Braunshausen’s 40th anniversary of manning the small police station in Mainz-Gonsenheim.

Theo Braunshausen is the classic “copper on the beat”. He knows who the troublemakers are, he knows who he can rely on, he knows where the potential for problems are and how to deal with them.

He and Ms jb have been working together for almost 30 years – the highrises that she manages house a couple of thousand people, ranging from Theo Braunshausen’s “clientele” to university professors and doctors (who tend not to be).

If he needs to know something about trouble that’s brewing, he’ll come to her (or one of the couple of janitors he knows he can rely on) and if Ms jb needs to know something (and he’s allowed to tell her), she’ll call him.

People stop him in the street to ask for his help, he’s had fighting couples in his office to sort out their problems and there aren’t many people who don’t know him or know of him.

Which is way policing should be.

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One thought on “And talking about PC….

  1. Phenomenal man of many roles; he’s more than “just” a Police Inspector! Kudos! I hope that this reception means he will soon be retiring for a well-deserved rest.

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