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Thunder Road


My first thunderstorm in Germany was quite an experience.

I’d been used to a) New Zealand where you get 4 seasons in one day

b) the UK where it drizzles all year round.

Germany was different.

30C, clear blue sky, not a breath of wind.

Then leaves and small branches disappear from trees, the sky turns black, bolts of lightning light up the sky, thunder rolls around the sky like a drunk in barrel and it starts precipitating like a cow pissing on a flat rock  significantly, water floods down the road and you think it’s about time to call Directory Enquiries for Noah’s number and ask him if he has any spare berths…..

As in this evening.

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One thought on “Thunder Road

  1. Today the sun is shining but earlier this week we had skies that looked like this with a deluge of rain. Basement is drying, but not totally dry yet.

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