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Here we go……


I met Andrew van (“with a small “v”) Leeuwen – surrounded by a bevy of lovelies , one of whom turned out be his sweet wife Anne – on the market back in 2012.

We’ve met a couple of times since, joust on Twitter occasionally and religiously follow each other’s publishing progress.

He suggested that we coffee (I always thought it was a noun, but he’s a paid journalist, so if he reckons it’s a verb, then it’s a verb…), informed me that he was interviewing me for  “Stories no-one will buy” and that he’d pack his recorder.

Asked him why he wanted to have even fewer people than normal reading his work and he reckoned that I’m “interesting”.

Interesting: To evoke attention or curiosity. (Probably “curiosity” as in “I saw a 3 headed calf the other day – it was really interesting”)

He’s a good interviewer, though, and I was able to regale him with stories of my being the saloon car racing champion in New Zealand in 1968 in a Mini Cooper S (which he believed until disillusioned) and other stuff (which he still believes and will probably publish….)

Let’s see if we’re still mates after his pixels hit the phosphorous….

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One thought on “Here we go……

  1. I want a copy of whatever he writes!! PS. I hate the way FB crops our photos when they post them!! Grr.

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