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String these bastards up from the highest tree….

IMG_6908 IMG_6909

Same road, 500 metres apart.

Just how hard is it to find a rubbish/trash bin around here?

But, no – just sling your half-finished takeaway out of the window.

And your mate on the passenger side thinks (if he has a brain – probably just a simian-like/Pavlov’s Dog reaction, actually) “Duh, I can do that too..” and slings HIS bag out of the window, without even finishing his sodding fries/chips.

THAT really shows how dim he is.

Bunch of @#$%^…..

(I’m all for a €10 deposit on fast food packaging. If we do it for bottles (anything up to €0.50), why can’t we do it for pervasive litter?)

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5 thoughts on “String these bastards up from the highest tree….

  1. Kate Mura on said:

    Too many slobs in the world. They are trashier than their trash.

  2. I find this happens a lot in Germany. I don’t know why. I also don’t understand why people tag/graffiti the places they live in…

  3. That’s so tacky 😦

  4. Sigh. I hate that too. How hard is it to just keep your trash in the car until you stop where there’s a trash can? 😦

  5. I feel pretty much the same. And I think you could blame the fast food place as well.

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