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Putting on the Rizzi reloaded


He’s back, if only in spirit, having fallen off the perch in 2011…

A new James Rizzi (I always thought that the pronunciation would be italianate, but it’s not – rhymes with “Tin Lizzie”) in full swing at the Frankfurter Hof until sometime next month.

Primary advertising is a chunk of the Berlin Wall (not that we don’t have a piece already, being the cosmopolitan city that we are..) in the Ludwigsstrasse, our very own Champs Elysee.

(Some people say that they never should have taken the wall down in the first place – mucked up the weather patters, they say. We HAVE been having a lot of strong easterlies I have to admit…)

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One thought on “Putting on the Rizzi reloaded

  1. Love your headline (I always do)!
    Interesting activity in your neighbourhood. 😉

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