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Not being nosey or anything….

The Nasengässchen (Nose Alley) links Leichhof (the site of the original church cemetery, Leiche meaning corpse) and Grebenstrasse (possibly originating from Graben, a ditch)  in the Altstadt.

There are heaps of theories as to its name, some referring to Zur Langen Nase (House of the Long Nose), a property in the Grebenstrasse first documented in 1568.

The most promising theory of all, however, is based on the abrupt 90° change of direction, given that a bend was in earlier times frequently called a “Nase“.

So that’s another 5 minutes of your life wasted on trivia….

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One thought on “Not being nosey or anything….

  1. I see German words like this, and I’m always struck by how long they are- one could make a sandwich in the time it takes a speaker to finish three sentences.

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