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“I’m bitchy and interesting…

A bit like a Scheurebe, but without the shyness.”

Talk about plays on words….!

The girls working at Eva Vollmer’s vineyard hoolie in Mainz-Ebersheim the other week wore a variety of shocking pink t-shirts with funky texts.

OK, so “zickig” comes from “Zicke” (which is a nanny goat) and translates vaguely as “bitchy” or “stroppy”

(In a previous life, a guy I used to work with and who was my boss at an earlier time used to mutter “Zickenalarm” under his breath when one of our female fellow managers became too….er….assertive.)

The Scheurebe, however,  is a regional grape variety, rarely grown elsewhere and is the progeny of a Riesling and an unknown wild vine, born in 1916, the midwife being Dr Georg Scheu, an Alzey viticulturist.

This is what Wikipedia says:

When produced from fully ripe grapes, Scheurebe wines are dominated by rich blackcurrant aromas supplemented by grapefruit. Well-made dry Scheurebe wines can be quite full-bodied, but dry wines made from not fully ripe grapes tend to be dominated by the grapefruit component, and display it in an aggressive manner which makes for a clumsy, unattractive wine. Scheurebe therefore tends to be easier to use for sweet wines made from grapes that are fully ripe, overripe or affected by noble rot. Well-made sweet Scheurebe wines can show intense aromas of blood grape and honey.

And “Scheu” also means “shy”.

Work it out for yourselves….

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One thought on ““I’m bitchy and interesting…

  1. That’ll certainly grab attention.

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