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Buncha numbskulls…..

The Gaustrasse  – the main route from town to the top of town – is a bit of a mess at the moment.

The tram lines are in the process of receiving some TLC and the crews are working to a pattern that THEY might understand, but few others do.

They started outside Shakespeare & So, moved down onto the Shillerplatz and then leapfrogged up to the Gautor.

Which is where they are now.

All properly signposted, either shoving folk up Emmerich-Josef Strasse  or detouring them along the Breidenbacher Strasse.

So what part of “No, you can’t keep driving straight, turn RIGHT” signs  don’t people understand?

Last week, a flossie in a Smart went flying up the hill and came to an abrupt halt in the gravel track bedding. (Sort of like the runaway truck ramps that you see in the Alps).

Given that a Smart is so light that it’ll blow over in a breeze, removing it only took a couple of pensioners and a small child.

Yesterday, though, another flossie – obviously more than a bubble out of plumb – came thundering up the hill and became seriously embedded, the extrication involving 2 police cars and a tow truck.

Plus buses to get tram passengers from Point A to Point B.

Via Point C.

Point C not being the Gaustrasse for about an hour….

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2 thoughts on “Buncha numbskulls…..

  1. Major streets up here often get the same treatment. There’s one not that far from my location that looks like a war zone.

  2. Summer is always a popular time for these type of repairs. You might need more pensioners out there, prepared…

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