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Watering only ENCOURAGES them….

The other day, we featured a balcony full of rampant petunias threatening to take over the whole of a highrise block.

The City of Mainz is going one better.

It’s encouraging vegetation to take over the WHOLE CITY.

I blame the bloody Green Party and that darn Eder woman..

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3 thoughts on “Watering only ENCOURAGES them….

  1. I’m watering our trees this morning. We’re allowed to water briefly on Saturdays and Tuesdays. I don’t care about grass, but I can’t bear to lose the trees.

  2. Well, they are pretty!

    I’m reminded of Billy Connolly saying, “Don’t vote. It only encourages them.”

  3. You photographed the spray quite well; like the image. Don’t read German but I have a feeling that I’d like that “darn Eder woman…”

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