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Monthly Theme Day – Postcard perfect – #1407

Sparrowsfart (6:49 a.m.), lying on my stomach in the middle of the Cathedral Square, taking a photograph of a postcard propped up against my wallet.

Little wonder that people came over to ask if I was alright……

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Update: The delightful Ms Mura from Visual St Paul suggests that I recommend “maxing the post to get full effect”.

 She used to be a teacher – just do what she says….

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10 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – Postcard perfect – #1407

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  2. Actually I think your idea would make a great theme : get a postcard and try and stand in the same place, taking the same picture (of course it’s more fun if you interpret the theme with a twist – how about a big truck passing in front of you while you take your pic?)

  3. Fantastic idea, well done. A unique play on the Theme Day.

  4. And I forgot – definitely postcard worthy since your postcard is there to prove it.

  5. I did as I was told, I maxed the post. I had to, considering the great effort you put into this.
    I am most impressed by your dedication to the cause.

  6. I”m sure the citizens are use to your shenanigans by now jB. Great POV! 🙂

  7. well you got a great photo out of it!

  8. Very original post(card).

  9. PS. You might suggest that viewers max the post to get full effect.

  10. Very, very clever, jb. I’d give it top spot on the best of the theme day “postcards.”

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