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YWWIL – #1427

Marcel Meyer’s  “You Work Where I Live” project continues to fascinate me, despite the fact that his temporary gallery has closed and he’s back at university.

Of all the portraits, one (two, actually – there’s the analogue colour  and the digital monochrome) that really stood out was of Xiu Yung Seng of the Gu Tee Haus at Klarastrasse 33.

© Marcel Meyer

For the simple reason that she was one of perhaps 2 or 3 who radiated happiness and the ONLY one who beams out of both images.

And she replicated it for me.

After the usual “Oh, I look TERRIBLE and my HAIR’S a mess and my FACE is so fat…”

“So? Let them see that you’re 5 months pregnant and they’ll understand”


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2 thoughts on “YWWIL – #1427

  1. I love the project and this particular portrait.
    You can tell Xiu Yung Seng she’s got the sweetest smile and she’s very lovely.

  2. What a beautiful smile! I am fascinated by the project too JB, wish we lived closer and you and I could do some damage! You smooth talker you! I think you could talk your way in and out of a place with the best of them!


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