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This is a good one.

Waiting for the car park shuttle bus at Frankfurt the other evening when we observed what looked to be a conspiratorial gathering.

Well away from the exit gates from the luggage collection area were a group of elegantly (in the case of the girls – sparsely, in the case of the lads – dark suits and bow ties) dressed young folk with flutes of bubbly and a big banner.

Reading “Just to embarrass you”

Dad comes over to them and says “She’s just collecting her luggage”, then – when she emerges – nudges her in the general direction of the group.

Who crank up a boombox and start dancing to the song.

Mortified arriving passenger, bubbly and hugs all round.

Ms jb talks to mum who says that daughter has a reputation of being a bit of a scruff, only ever travels in a track suit and her (mildly disapproving) friends were determined to show her up.

Successfully, it seems.

The link to MDP?

The bubbly’s from Klaawinnerum’s very own Volker Eckert, the family’s winemaker of choice.

On a socio-economic note: This event would have lasted about 5 seconds at any US airport before all involved were carted off to the cells for public consumption of alcohol and disturbing the peace.

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