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Monthly Theme Day – August 2014 – Take Away/Take Out


Despite the strong African influence on the culinary scene in Mainz – you’ll find Pizza Togo and Kaffee Togo on almost every corner – the classic has to be Ditsch’s Brezelbäckerei.

The company was started by Heinrich Ditsch in 1919, passed on to his son Heinz (who introduced the Brezelmänner, white-coated chappies, going from wine bar to pub, selling soft brezeln from wicker baskets) and in turn to the current owner, Peter Ditsch, who extended the range to savoury pastry-based snacks, selling them from aesthetically simple kiosks that pump out hot brezeln by the tonne.

You’ll recognise them without even reading the sign – they’re the ones with the long queues (“lines” for the colonials…)

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – August 2014 – Take Away/Take Out

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  3. Learn something new every day! Interesting.

  4. I would join the queue.

  5. I’ll try the pretzels as well as whatever is in the showcase!

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