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Get off the bloody bike path…..

Well, on second thoughts – maybe not…..

Zipping through Mainz yesterday, locked up the brakes to avoid this young lady, standing innocently in the middle of the bike path on the Grosse Langgasse and trying to iPhone herself to somewhere else.

“Honey” I said ” If you want to stay healthy and unimpaired, standing where you’re currently positioned is not the way to go about it”

“Oh” she said.

Explained that the red paving stones were where I thrash through and anywhere else was more-or-less safe.

Asked me how to get to the Rhine, (follow the red street signs), we got chatting, turns out that she’s from Beijing, I was there in 1982, say I, that’s when I was born says she, what else can I see in Mainz, where can I go for dinner etc?

Been to St Stephan? Yep, loved the Chagall windows.

Gutenberg museum?


Well, THAT’S a must.

It’s on my way so I play the Good Samurai and escort her down the Ludwigstrasse, gave her a bit of history, showed her where the Altstadt is, nudged her in the direction of the Gutenberg Museum and the Rhine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce Ms Wang Feiyu (aka Skye), tenured lecturer in Indonesian Studies at the Beijing Foreign Studies University

A real sweetie….

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2 thoughts on “Get off the bloody bike path…..

  1. She’s quite stylish!

  2. Ah, what a sweetie you are to save the woman’s life and to escort her about the area with tips for seeing the town. It’s a wonderful photo that definitely shows her sweetness (and her beauty).

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