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Monthly Theme Day – August 2015 – Bicycle

A vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddle-like seat.
Right, so we’re agreed on that.
If you’re looking for bicycles i.e. 2 wheels in tandem , Mainz is THE place for you.
Manhole covers.
The crest of every bishop Mainz has ever had in its ( and brother, there’s a bunch of them, going back to 80 AD) history.
Even the logo for the bike website set up by Bernd Meyer-Zawar, my erstwhile espresso-drinking companion and Mainz’s Bike Czar.
The reason is here – the TL/DR version being that all the tour guides in Mainz have for ages and a day been telling porkies about Bishop Willigis (940 – 1011)’s dad being a truckie.
But I’m more than very fond of Bernd M-Z’s bike crossing devices. (Those yellow thingies…)
You come rocking up to a crossing and hit the bike button and THE LIGHTS TURN RED FOR MOTORISED TRAFFIC.
And you go merrily on your way to the if-looks-could-kill looks and muttered obscenities from  drivers who feel INTENSELY inconvenienced, most likely goaded on by the Allgemeine Zeitung’s ongoing campaign against an environmentally and fitness oriented minority.
Of course, we’ve been through all this before
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6 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – August 2015 – Bicycle

  1. The bike crossing idea is a good one.

  2. What a great find! I had no idea bicycles were so important to Mainz. 😉

  3. I enjoy lateral thinking.

  4. very good idea these bike crossing devices.

  5. Ah, but we are intensely inconvenienced by the particulates exiting their mufflers, so we’re even.

  6. This is a wonderful post for theme day because it is unique. Thanks for all the links BUT who on earth was driving the Porsche in the video? A bit too fast for me.

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