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The Good Oil(chen) reloaded


Leonidas Lazaridis und Philip Vogel started their Eulchen beer concept way back in 2013.

It bubbled away under everyone’s radar for a while until they took over the lease of the old kiosk on the Lessingplatz in the Neustadt in May this year.

(The “Trinkhalle” concept dates back to the mid-19th C, when they sprang up to provide working folk with access to bottled mineral water and other non-alcoholic beverages, reticulated water being full of nasties. And this at a time when Mainz had over 100 breweries, selling what we’d these days call “Craft beer”. Over time, the “Wasserhäusche” (“water huts”) deviated off the straight and narrow and started selling all sorts of dire stuff, including heavy duty spirits, lottery tickets and tabloids a la Bildzeitung. As most of them do to this day)

Maria was fronting up the Eulchen Trinkhalle the other day.

“I’m not the guys who started it”  she said.


Much easier on the eye….

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