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I like success stories….

I first met Phillip (r) and Leon (l) at their Eulchen pop-up store in the Gaustrasse in November 2013, they’ve gone on to taking over an unused kiosk in the Neustadt, they’ve rocketed from ONE beer (the original Märzen) to TWO (they released a very tidy Weizen a while back) and at the weekend organised the Eulchen and Friends Biergarten in the courtyard of the Elector’s Palace.

What a stunning event.

Their draft beer is way ahead of the bottled stuff, they had Brits Kwisin doing simple but stylish catering (beetroot and wasbi with Fleischwurst and radicchio in a sourdough sandwich), Paul Bonna was there with the kaffeekommunekaravan  and his flock of lovelies (Eleni on Friday, Shirley on Saturday), wine from the Weinraumwohnung in the Neubrunnestrasse, a couple of guys doing really good music (some people complained about its being a) crap and b)too loud – I didn’t. Some people claim I’m as deaf as a post, so that might the reason…)  N’Eis from the Gartenfeldplatz with…wait for it… a Märzen sorbet (no thanks) and a Riesling sorbet.

Which could have been worth trying had I not had an urgent tête-à-tête with  the founders of both the beer brand and the event.

And more power to their elbows, too….

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One thought on “I like success stories….

  1. Quite a lot of drinking alternatives!

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