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Franciscus listened.

I’ve always wondered about that single reader from the Vatican who follows Mainz Daily Photo with the email address

Turns that Pope Franciscus has been an avid follower for some time and read my rant the other day about the Bistum de Mayence sitting on empty apartments while refugees are sleeping in the streets.

Franciscus appears to have got on the blower toute de suite and given them all a severe bolleauxing for being a bunch of heartless pricks, because all of a sudden they’ve found HEAPS of accommodation.

Not only in Mainz, but all around the country.

So good on yer, Franciscus.

You’re a corker bloke.

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3 thoughts on “Franciscus listened.

  1. Will you please shout at Congress next? About anything, anything at all.

  2. Wow! You’ve got to be kidding!

  3. Rants are attention-getters and in this case it had some effect. Good on you!! Keep agitating, dear sir.

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